Shift Lead Banister Productions
Where To Find People Lead ChromeDome Productions
Blood Money Lead Second Chance Productions
Military Simulator Lead Vitra Systems
Style Show Down Lead
Soldier Girl Lead Young Jeremy Prod.
Desert Trek Supporting Craig Whittle
Crusader Supporting Depleting Shadows
Deadly Motives Co-Star Theropod, Ivan Carmona
Adam & Eve Lead ASU, Danielle Billeaux
Latte Trouble Lead Loudhouse Films, Todd Fouler
The Gladiators Supporting Intrigue Films, David Stone
The Prometheus Project Supporting Ominous Prod., Sean Tretta
Blind Sighted Lead WU, Josh Sellers
Complacency of Silence: Darfur Lead Gitana Productions
Plot Twist Lead Max Reid
Twelfth Night Lead SLCC
As You Like It Lead SLCC
James and the Giant Peach Co-Star SLCC
Selmor On Demand Lead Selmore on Demand
Go Daddy Supporting Light Switch Films
Arizona Lottery Supporting AZ Lottery
Not So Sure Supporting Let Freedom Ring
Comedic Film Acting Dearing Acting Studio
Scene Study Dearing Acting Studio
Monologue Dearing Acting Studio
Acting for Film Carrie Houk, Webster U
Acting for Stage Suzie Wall, Webster U
Special Skills
Miss Arab USA 2012, Public speaking, fluent in Arabic, proficient in Spanish, horseback riding.